Writer Unfair to Nixon

I could not help but notice some omissions in Herbert Holzman's letter (Dec. 9) re former Presidents Nixon and Carter.

Holzman conveniently forgets to include that President Nixon voluntarily gave up his Secret Service protection in 1982, saving taxpayers over $3 million per year. (Neither) Jimmy Carter nor any of our other living former Presidents has done so.

Holzman also forgets to include that when the government seized President Nixon's presidential papers, he was the only former President to be denied such materials. The court rightfully ruled that Nixon be compensated for materials that all previous Presidents had taken with them when they left office. All funds from this legal settlement will go to cover President Nixon's legal costs and to the Nixon Library.

When Holzman mentions "self-serving greed," he also forgets to mention that the Nixon Library is the only presidential library that is self-supporting.

One other comment in this regard: Richard Nixon has not accepted one penny from any speech he has given since he became vice president in 1953. CHRIS CRAIN Mission Viejo

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