Attitudes Toward Homeless a Shame

Our readers wrote letters throughout 1992, expressing their viewpoints on a variety of issues. Here are condensed versions of some of those letters to help us remember the events that mattered to Orange County readers this past year. We would like to thank the readers who took the time to share their views, and we look forward to hearing from them and others in 1992.

When I see the well-fed, well-clothed women (and men) gushing with relief about how nice it is to stroll through the areas where the homeless have been evicted, I want to take back every note I sang at fund-raisers for the Performing Arts Center.

As a once well-fed, well-clothed woman myself who has seen my world spin in the opposite direction, I am ashamed of the "let 'em eat cake" mentality that prevails in our society about most human tragedies.



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