Officers Fight Back

As the Times stated on Feb. 18 in “Officer Sentenced to Community Service for Battery,” this case was indeed a referendum on the judicial system’s treatment of criminal police officers.

This case proves that the judicial system’s treatment of criminal police officers is woefully inadequate and grossly biased in favor of police officers.

This case also proves without a doubt that the LAPD’s Board of Rights is made up of people who believe that it’s OK to be a criminal provided you become a police officer first.

Anyone who has a pulse has learned since the Rodney King beating that LAPD encourages such brutality toward minorities and always has.


The actions of police officers such as Clark Baker are a result of a need for some policemen to assert their manhood and establish themselves as “macho” but I wonder if officer Baker ever considered that beating, kicking and dragging someone by the hair while they are handcuffed are the actions of a wimp and a coward.