First Daughter Now Also First Teen-Ager

<i> Associated Press</i>

First daughter Chelsea Clinton is now a teen-ager.

The eighth-grader turned 13 on Saturday and celebrated with some friends visiting from Little Rock, Ark. White House aides said she wanted to see the new Christian Slater movie, “Untamed Hearts,” a romance rated PG-13.

President Clinton and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton go out of their way to shield their daughter from the spotlight and released no other details about her birthday celebration.

But a big bunch of helium balloons and several brightly wrapped presents were spotted arriving at the White House.


Chelsea made a rare TV appearance a week earlier on an ABC-TV children’s special from the White House and told her peers she “always listens” to her parents. Her dad said Chelsea’s only fault was that “she would stay up too late if I let her do that.”