Men and the Meaning of Matrimony

Re “A Guide for Men Taking the Plunge Into Matrimony” (Feb. 2): I can’t believe that The Times published an article like this. Whether it’s a joke or to be taken seriously, the sentiments of the writer can only serve to further confuse the poor soul who really believes that this is the way men think about marriage.

I am not young. I was married for over 60 years, but I consider myself with it and it is of great interest to me what young people do these days. Even though morals and lifestyles have changed, I don’t think that human beings really are so different from the time when I was young.

You don’t have to make a lot of official announcements or explanations about your engagement. You don’t have to apologize to “the guys.”

The last sentence, “being engaged means never taking any chances,” is the most unbelievable sentence in the whole unimportant story. Embarking on a journey with a life partner can open up millions of doors to adventure.


A man who thinks that marriage is like a prison sentence should stay far away from the unhappy girl who might end up saddled with such a klutz.