CAMARILLO : Land-Use, Farmland Committee Named

The Camarillo City Council has appointed 13 residents to a committee to study whether the city's General Plan reflects the council's goal to discourage development on existing farmland.

Councilmen Stanley J. Daily and Michael Morgan selected the committee, making a special effort to choose people who are already active in civic affairs and who represent different groups in the city, Daily said.

A mixture of men and women of different ages, members of the new panel also have contrasting attitudes about future development in the city. The group will review how well the General Plan conforms to the land-use goals adopted by the council last year.

The council in October approved a previous citizen committee's recommendation to convert agricultural property only if necessary and to preserve the city's small-town atmosphere.

The members of the new land-use committee are Robert Atz, Stephen M. Brewster, Thomas D. Carr, Darlene A. Chinery, James R. Grant, Mary Grizzard-Paul, Kevin Kildee, Ann C. Levey, Debora L. Naves, Kathleen O'Riley, William Torrence, Herbert J. Warneke and Patrick Woods.

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