GARDEN GROVE : Temporary Signs Get 2nd Reprieve

In an effort to help local businesses, officials for the second straight year have loosened regulations dealing with temporary advertising signs and banners.

Last year, because of the recession, the City Council doubled the number of days allowed per business for temporary advertising, from 15 days a year to 30.

Now the limit has again been doubled because economic hard times have continued, City Manager Michael Fenderson said.

Each business in the city may now display temporary advertising devices for 30 days from January through June and for another 30 days some time during the last half of the year.

New businesses will continue to be allowed an additional 30 days of advertising for grand openings, for a total of 90 days per year.

The new guidelines are more liberal than those of other major cities in Orange County, Fenderson said.

Chamber of Commerce President Shari Lane said the relaxed rules will help businesses call attention to themselves and advertise sidewalk sales.

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