Dornan and the Closing of the El Toro Base

It is rare indeed that I find myself in agreement with the likes of Bob Dornan. And shocked as well that he would admit in print that he could not counter any argument . . . on the topic of closing our local air corps military bases.

I happen to agree that in the interest of our national shift in funding priorities, and for the sake of our local economies, the bases must go. The arguments touted in favor of sustaining them are dwarfed immediately when consideration is given to how the funds we taxpayers have paid over the last quarter of a century to keep the bases open could have been spent on our local infrastructure or a true quality-of-life industrial base.

Bob Dornan, Christopher Cox and others have figured out a convenient way to bail out of their previous self-righteous militarism and let President Clinton, by making the tough decisions, take the rap.


Laguna Hills

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