One Big Scoop for Ice Cream

Associated Press

Powdered ice cream may be the next best thing to the real thing, the Michigan Milk Producers Assn. claims.

“For somebody who doesn’t know, there’s very little difference if it’s prepared properly,” said one of the researchers on the new product, which took two years to develop.

The powder can be reconstituted with water, whipped to add air and then frozen into ice cream.

The end result is a dessert with the same fat, sugar and other solids as conventional ice cream, promoters said.


The biggest demand is expected in areas such as Mexico and the Middle East, which have poor transportation and refrigeration systems and lack easy access to such ingredients as fresh cream, sugar and stabilizers, promoters said.

The first commercial shipment of the product, delivered in 50-pound packages, is scheduled to hit Nigeria this week. One-pound packs are expected to begin selling in the United States in May, promoters said.