Voicing Concerns Over Teen Pregnancy

It was with great chagrin that I read your recent three-part series on teen pregnancy. While you provided a sympathetic view concerning the how and why, you failed to discuss some other relevant issues.

To suggest that these kids can exercise any sort of “control” over their lives by reproducing is selfish and shortsighted.

In no way can these teen parents be considered self-sufficient or in charge of their lives enough to take care of their children without the help of unwilling taxpayers. Food stamps and welfare checks account for the ability of these parents to raise their children.

Once the child is conceived and the daily reality of parenthood takes effect, the child these young people longed to love becomes an obstacle between them and other activities. This is evident in the treatment that children receive from the young parents. Often, it is not the love and care that was professed by the parents.



Toluca Lake