Angry Over Blast, Colombia Vigilantes Kill Escobar Lawyer

Associated Press

A vigilante group out to punish fugitive drug lord Pablo Escobar killed an Escobar lawyer and his 16-year-old son in Medellin on Friday, the radio network Caracol said.

The killings were in apparent revenge for a car bomb explosion Thursday that killed at least 11 people and wounded more than 200 in a shopping center in Bogota.

Fifteen gunmen dragged Guido Parro, 51, and his son from their apartment, Caracol said.


The bodies were found in the trunk of a taxi with a sign reading, “What do you think of the trade for the bombing in Bogota, Pablo?”

Another note was signed the Pepes, a Spanish acronym for the People Persecuted by Pablo Escobar vigilante group. The kingpin escaped from a luxury jail last July and has been setting off bombs in an apparent attempt to make the government call off its manhunt.