Madness? No, you haven’t seen madness, but it’s coming! That is, if Frederick Borsch (Commentary, April 26) were to get his way about gun control.

Imagine a United States that has effectively eliminated all private possession of firearms. Only the military and police have guns. That should scare the living daylight out of anyone with a familiarity of political history and totalitarian governments.

Beyond that think of the private citizens and businesses that would be at the mercy of the criminal element. Knives would probably be the next weapon of choice. For criminals, knives are just another weapon to brutalize others. For victims, knives are not so easily brandished in self-defense. Crime would be a more up-close, personal and dangerous encounter for the victims.

Do we outlaw knives and then clubs? Where will it end? You gun control freaks should think this thing through before you make a mistake on this grand a scale.