Did Reviewer See Same Show as Fans?

I disagree with your review on Paul McCartney's concert at Anaheim Stadium.

You said Paul should have redone a song the way Eric Clapton did. First, Paul isn't Eric Clapton, and second, the Beatles' songs are impeccable the way they were written. The fans cherish the old songs, and you don't change something that's already perfect. Also, you said that most of the audience probably had been around at the time of the Beatles. Walking into the concert, I pointed out to my group that the parking lot was relatively full of teen-agers. I think it's great that the "older" fans were there, but you should have noted the younger ones, too.

Paul's concert was fantastic, everything a Beatles fan and a McCartney fan could expect. After an incredible concert, how could you end your article with a negative? Why not let it be?



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