Compiled by James M. Gomez, Times staff writer

Laser Test: A new "cold laser" system can now be found in a Pennsylvania hospital.

The new Acculase Excimer Laser System, owned by Helionetics Inc. in Irvine, is being used for human clinical trials at the Lankenau Hospital in Wynnewood, Pa. The hospital has already been the site for the experimental laser's preclinical trial research and development.

Lankenau Hospital cardiologist Scott M. Goldman will test the new device on heart disease patients. Excimer, or cold, lasers are considered ideal for surgery to unclog arteries near the heart--and thus make bypass surgery unnecessary--because the beam does not produce enough heat to damage the inside walls of the arteries.

Advanced Interventional Systems Inc. in Irvine already has such a laser on the market, having received FDA approval more than year ago.

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