STACKING UP SALESTotal album and single sales...


Total album and single sales of CDs and cassettes for the week ending May 16, compared with week- ago and year-ago levels, in thousands of units sold.

Lee Ritenour: Has top jazz album

Atop the Charts

The biggest-selling albums and most popular singles--based on sales or radio airplay--for a range of musical categories, for the week ending May 16.


Rank Category Title Artist Last Wk. Label Overall The Bodyguard Soundtrack 1 Arista Classical Gorecki: Upshaw, London 1* Nonesuch Symphony No. 3 Country It's Your Call Reba McEntire 2 MCA Jazz So Near, So Far Joe Henderson 1* Verve Jazz/Contemp. Wes Bound Lee Ritenour 1* GRP New artists Connected Stereo MC'S 2 Gee Street R&B; Down With Run-D.M.C. New Profile The King

Parent Category Company Overall BMG Classical TimeWarner Country MCA Jazz Polygram Jazz/Contemp. MCA New artists Polygram R&B; Profile


Rank Category Title Artist Last Wk. Label Overall That's the Way Janet Jackson 3 Virgin Love Goes Contemporary Tell Me What Warren Hill 1 Novus You Dream Country I Love the Way John Montgomery 1 Atlantic You Love Me Warner Dance Who Is It Michael Jackson 2 Epic Latin Me Estoy La Mafia 1 Sony Discos Enamorando R&B; That's the Way Janet Jackson 1 Virgin Love Goes Rap Typical Reasons Prince 4 Soul Conv. Markie Dee Album rock Livin' on Aerosmith 1 Geffen track the Edge Modern rock Regret New Order 2 Qwest track

Parent Category Company Overall EMI Contemporary RCA Country Time Dance Sony Latin Sony Enamorando R&B; EMI Rap Columbia Album rock MCA track Modern rock Warner track

* Ranking from two weeks ago

Source: SoundScan Inc., Billboard magazine

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