Forcing Taggers--and Parents--to Pay the Price

* The (article on taggers) concludes that vandals want fame and respect. I suggest we give them what they want. The law needs to be changed so that newspapers could publish the names, addresses and telephone numbers of convicted vandals. Then we could call to thank their parents personally for the fine job they've done with their children. We could also show our support of their art form by tagging their property. I am sure that they would appreciate that immensely.

The cost of graffiti in both monetary and social decline is staggering. This is not a "cute" hobby or mere rite of passage to be tolerated any longer. The so-called experts say graffiti has been around for centuries. That is typical of the excuse given for the lack of self-responsibility rampant in our society. It's time to prosecute those youths as adults for the serious crimes they commit.


Mission Viejo

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