Waging the 'War Against Drugs': Agencies Still Haven't Got It Right

* At last we are hearing some sane voices regarding the so-called "war against drugs," which statistics have shown to be an abysmal failure. Other than among casual drug users, there has been no reduction in the demand, and the price of these illegal substances continues to dwindle.

The taxpayers have been forced to stand by while prisons fill up with drug abusers as fast as they are built. Not only are we supporting these individuals to the tune of $25,000 per year, but we are also subsidizing those members of law enforcement who have been involved in a meaningless program based on interdiction. Add to this dilemma the medical costs for infants whose lives we endangered because their mothers were unable to gain access to treatment centers while they were pregnant.

Let us hope that those innovative judges and attorneys who are attempting to explore a new and more effective plan continue to work in the best interests of us all.


San Clemente

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