Diaper Bags, Book Bags Can Mix

<i> Abraham Soto, 18, is a senior at Fremont High School</i>

Living in the conditions that (many) girls do, with the pressure of teens having sex and not being educated about safe sex, they’re bound to get pregnant.

I have many friends that are pregnant but are also finishing school. I look at the word breeders , (as some people call them), and then back at these girls who carry heavy backpacks with books of social studies, math and English, who climb up and down the stairs from class to class and know that they surely don’t seem to have been raised for childbearing only.

Somewhere along the line they fall into the trap of pregnancy.

Let’s face it. These are the ‘90s and sex is in right now. If the girl is not on the Pill and the guy doesn’t like condoms, something is going to happen. Also, to many girls, abortion is not an option. Being raised with certain moral beliefs, abortion is definitely out of the question.


I think that more schools should have some sort of day care or nursery for these girls who struggle in raising their children and girls could finish school. By receiving an education, these girls graduate from high school, maybe go to college and instead of depending on welfare, they can get a job, be productive and raise a happy family. These day cares should be on campus or close by so that they can have easy access to see their children.

If today’s youth is tomorrow’s future, then we should start focusing on how to help them succeed.