Tax Funds for Reagan

* How interesting it was to read that Ronald Reagan, the independently wealthy former President, who, in addition to his governmental pensions receives a very large annual stipend from the Republican Party, has asked the taxpayers to give him more than $400,000 for travel and office expenses ("House Approves Cut in Funds for Ex-Presidents," June 24). Isn't this the man whose election campaigns created a "Welfare Queen" he claimed milks dry the American taxpayer?


Los Angeles

* Including their pensions, Congress authorized $781,808 for Reagan and $611,000 for George Bush. Have they no shame, or even compassion for their countrymen? They need all that money?

Three other ex-Presidents receive under $500,000, and it's still a lot, plus Secret Service protection. Why is this information buried inside the first section and never enunciated on the evening TV news so that all of us have a least one opportunity to learn of it? This is a media responsibility.


San Juan Capistrano

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