Monrovia : New Recycling Incentives

A series of trash fee adjustments aimed at encouraging more Monrovia residents to recycle has been approved by the City Council.

The plan agreed to Tuesday increases the usage fee for a 90-gallon trash can by 22 cents a month--from $9.67 to $9.89, but decreases the current $7.98 fee for a 60-gallon can by 71 cents per month.

Residents who currently pay $2.33 monthly for a second 90-gallon can will have to pay $8.89 for the second can under the new fee schedule that will take effect within 60 days.

City officials said that participation in the city's curbside recycling program is low. A study showed about 30% of residents participate compared to the industry standard of about 60%. Additionally, only about 12% of residents' yard waste is being recycled, although yard waste makes up about 25% of the city's residential waste stream.

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