Jesse Jackson

* It seems Jesse Jackson is in town again. This time he is pleading the case for the disadvantaged Los Angeles County worker, whose pay may be cut approximately 8% due to revenue shortfalls in the county budget (“Workers March, Then Authorize County Strike,” Sept. 1).

It is clearly not the first time that Jackson has argued against governmental cutbacks. Has Jackson ever taken an accounting course? If county revenues are less today than a year ago, and the county payroll is the same today as a year ago, the result is a deficit.

Why do Jackson and the county employees feel that they deserve more job security than the average, hard-working private sector taxpaying citizen? After all, how many private sector nurses, janitors, clerks, garbage workers, etc., have the salaries, medical, dental, vacation and retirement benefits that the county workers enjoy?

Wake up, taxpayers; We should all be infuriated that the county workers are protesting an 8% cut in pay.




* So Jesse Jackson is back in town, this time to take on the Tournament of Roses Parade hierarchy (Aug. 31). It seems a “counter-parade” is in order on Jan. 1 unless certain changes occur (Jackson being the arbiter of acceptable change, I suppose).

So, what else is new? Jackson’s whole purpose appears to be counter to harmony, unity and cooperation. Perhaps if he devoted his energies to working behind the scenes rather than organizing and appearing in marches, some of his causes may achieve more pleasing results that satisfy all concerned.


But, alas, I fear I dream; time and effort, two staples of the American Dream, certainly don’t present the photo opportunities that a march does.


West Covina