MANAGERS’ PRICE: Running a city is like...

MANAGERS’ PRICE: Running a city is like running a big company, which shows in the salaries of Valley-area city managers (above). Five make more than the $90,680 a year L.A. City Council members get. . . . Four earn more than Gov. Wilson’s $114,285.

PEACE WARNING: The year 5754 is off to a good start. That’s the message from many Valley rabbis to congregations celebrating the Jewish New Year. Many rewrote sermons to praise the historic peace pact between Israel and the PLO. . . . Some warned that Jewish and Muslim fundamentalists would try to sabotage the peace. “The orthodoxies of Islam and Judaism will lessen when peace surrounds the region,” an Agoura Hills rabbi predicted. See Valley Religion column, page B11.

NO EARLY BIRDS: Who knows when ostriches awake in the African wild, but their Antelope Valley cousins don’t like to be disturbed before 7 a.m. . . . And now they have a court order to back them up. A Lancaster court ordered a developer not to work before that hour, granting a request from an Agua Dulce ostrich rancher who said 6:30 workmen got his big birds so ruffled they hurt themselves (B18).

SWITCHED SIGNALS: Quarterbacking the Cal State Northridge football team is no work for someone hungry for job security. The team gets its third signal-caller in as many games when it plays Northern Arizona tonight (C17). . . . J. J. O’Laughlin replaces Clayton Millis, who completed eight of 22 passes for 64 yards against Weber State last week.


EARS OF THE FAMOUS: It sounded like a good deal: one-size-fits-all hearing aids (most others are fitted) advertised as the type worn by former President Reagan and other celebrities. Not so, state officials said, revoking the license of a Tarzana businessman (B3). They often didn’t work, officials said . . . and Reagan didn’t wear one.

City Manager’s Salaries


Jim Gilley: $127,194



Robert (Bud) Ovrom: $125,553


David H. Ramsay: $120,900


Santa Clarita:

George Caravalho: $118,343


Bob Toone: $111,240



Charles Cate: $88,000

Agoura Hills:

Terry Matz: $84,000


Westlake Village:

Ray Taylor: $80,000

*Taylor doubles as city clerk