Focus on Entertainment Stocks

Spotlight on Playboy Enterprises Inc.: Although fiscal 1993 profit fell 79.9%, mostly due to accounting charges and lower tax benefits, revenue increased 10.9% as the company prepared to enter the interactive multimedia market. Said Chief Executive Christie Hefner: “The convergence of television, computer and telephone technologies will create new formats for our libraries of 800 hours of original video programming, 8 million photographs, hundreds of interviews and original art.”

Major Properties

* Publishing: Playboy magazine and catalogue, Critic’s Choice catalogue

* Entertainment: Domestic Playboy pay TV network, home videos, international Playboy TV and video


* Product marketing: Sportswear, limited-edition prints, watches, ties

Financial Data

* Market capitalization: $167.6 million

* Current cash: $2.2 million


* Current long-term debt: $1.3 million

* 1993 revenue: $214.9 million

* 1993 profit: $0.4 million

* Earnings per share: $0.02