Street Gangs Responsible for Most Crime

Thank you for the very provocative and informative article ("Black on Brown Crime," Sept. 5).

Los Angeles is a great city. However, the problems of people stealing, fighting, shooting and destroying property are rapidly contributing to its decadence. And the street gangs are largely responsible for much of this decadence and perpetual violations of human and civil rights.

These gang members are of an intense homicidal, suicidal mentality. They feel inadequate within themselves and that they are justified in compensating for their own inadequacies by taking from others.

Instead of bettering themselves through virtuous work, they band together with individuals of similar sentiments, developing misguided philosophies to condone their sinful behavior, such as idol worship in the form of rags, tattoos and graffiti.

Gangs are about hopelessness, despair, killing and destruction. Community activists and authorities who engage in programs and counseling and pacts with active gang members really are wasting time and effort.

There is simply no hope unless an individual rejects his gang affiliation and pronounces himself as a man on his own. Then there is hope, there is reason, there is faith in what is right and proper.

There is a future.

Individuals who partake in subhuman behavior should not be accorded the same liberties and rights as respectable citizens. Therefore, organizations that are notorious for assault, violation of property, rape and murder should be made illegal.



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