At Least 14 Killed in Morocco Train Fire

<i> Reuters</i>

A crowded overnight passenger express from the tourist city of Marrakesh was engulfed in flame Tuesday after a collision with a freight train loaded with volatile naphtha, killing at least 14 people, officials said.

The official said at least 103 others were injured and that there were probably foreign tourists aboard the train, but he did not know their number or nationalities.

Rescue workers said some passengers were asleep and were burned alive by the explosion.

“It was a real inferno. Four cars were crushed by tankers that piled up on top of them and then burst into flames,” said a rescuer.


Six passenger cars were destroyed after the freight train plowed into the northbound express as it was about to leave the station in Temara, six miles south of the Moroccan capital, Rabat.