SHOCK WAVES: Valley immigrants from India are...

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SHOCK WAVES: Valley immigrants from India are rallying to aid friends and relatives stricken by the subcontinent’s killer quake (A1, A12). The Valley is home to about 20% of the county’s Indian immigrants (above).


FALL FROM GRACE: The doctor, the lawyer, the minister--once upon a time in America the leading citizens of any settlement, town or city. But polls show the clergy’s public esteem dropping fast, reports the Valley religion column (B11). Blamed: Televangelist scandals, child molesting by Catholic priests. Clergy rank 12 points behind druggists, barely ahead of dentists . . . but more than twice as high as journalists.


WIN SOME, LOSE SOME: Seem more crowded out there? Well, yes and no. For only the third time this century, the Los Angeles city population dropped last year, down by 68,000 to 3.46 million. The recession and the riots are possible causes (B1). . . . But the Valley grew slightly. Arleta and Pacoima swelled by 6%, Sherman Oaks, Toluca Lake and Studio City by more than 3%. Shrinking: Encino, Tarzana, Chatsworth, Porter Ranch.



SHOT DOWN: R.C. (Chappy) Czapiewski, a vintage aviation buff, founded the Burbank Aviation Museum, but that didn’t keep his organization from firing him. Czapiewski was bounced as the museum’s unpaid president by its board of directors (B4). . . . Their complaint: His campaign to keep his World War II-era bomber “Heavenly Body” from being evicted from Burbank Airport (where he couldn’t afford regular parking fees) got people annoyed at the airport managers.


FOOTBALL BRAWL: Penalties are mounting on the Harbor College football team for that brawl with Pierce players Saturday. The Western State Conference put Harbor on probation--banning bowl games--through 1994 (C12). . . . Pierce got no blame, the league saying Harbor players swung first.

Indian Immigrants

Immigrants from India in the Valley number about 8,900. The Asian population in the Valley.

Chinese: 13.5%

Japanese: 10.9%

Korean: 18.9%

Vietnamese: 7.5%

Filipino: 28.5%

Asian Indian: 8.9%

Other: 11.7%

Source: 1990 U.S. Census