Mojave Desert

I'm a senior geology major at a reputable California university and am writing to respond to William H. Schlesinger's commentary, "Keep the Mojave Landscape Intact" (Sept. 24).

I feel his stance is hypocritical. There is no doubt that roads and pipelines will and do disrupt the desert environment, but I'm curious as to what mode of transportation he used and how he received his water during those 10 years of study? Now after his studies are complete, he deems it fit to back a bill that will probably ban the Mojave Desert of everything that's not already banned. How convenient!

The Mojave Desert is not as stagnant as the professor implies. On the contrary, the desert is constantly changing. For every reduction of growth someplace due to water, there will be an increase someplace else. The water doesn't simply disappear.

Now as species go, humans are at the top of the food chain. Life has been evolving and adapting since the Precambrian and will continue to long after we're gone. The same goes for the landscapes. I believe it's time the lesser species find ways around our living arrangements instead of limiting one of our greatest resources in a futile attempt at regulating evolution.



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