Fixing the Blame for Teen Drinking

* This letter is in response to "Police Actions Causing Teens to Drive Drunk," by Stephanie Zambukos (Letters, Nov. 21).

I can't believe the ignorance of some people, blaming the police (yet again, for something else). This time for the high teen DUI rate. Well, since we're blaming people, let's blame the victims, after all, they're the ones who called the police. Or maybe we should blame the parents who knowingly allow their children to attend these parties. Better yet, let's blame the irresponsible juveniles who drink to excess.

Miss Zambukos' letter can't offer any solutions. Maybe I can. First, we must not overlook that, in this state, you must be 21 to possess or consume alcohol. Then, how about keeping the noise level below deafening, stop littering the neighborhoods with empty cans and bottles, stop vandalizing property and urinating on others' property and stop the fights--or worse--that inevitably happen.

If these abused juveniles had this common sense, then maybe the police wouldn't be called to do their job.


Laguna Niguel

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