Rohrabacher Exploiting Scouts Issue

* As the father of Michael and William Randall (who are not atheists, and who merely stated that they did not want to say a word they did not know), I take exception to the attack by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach) in his defense of the discriminatory policies of the Boy Scouts (Letters, Nov. 21).

We have requested an opportunity to discuss this case with Mr. Rohrabacher personally, but he has refused to respond to our letters, so how he can make such statements purely for his own political advantage without discussing this matter with us escapes us.

The Boy Scouts had an opportunity to prove that they are a "private" organization in court, and their team of lawyers failed to do so. In fact, the opposite is true, and Mr. Rohrabacher knows this. Any organization that meets in public schools; uses state, federal and county property for facilities; receives United Way funds (over $700,000 per year), and states in its documents that its national charter and its executive board prohibit any boy from being denied the opportunity to be a Boy Scout is not a private organization.

Further, Mr. Rohrabacher fails to point out that the Scouts had to sign a written agreement that prohibits the requirement of any religious or political activity as a condition to receive United Way funds.

No, Mr. Rohrabacher, it is clear who is using this issue to further his own agenda, and it appears that he, in furtherance of publicity and his own political agenda, is using the Boy Scouts to obtain votes instead of using his office to promote healing and encourage this federally chartered organization to welcome all boys, which its own documents require.

No one's freedom of religion is interfered with by this case, and they can continue to say the oath and practice their religious beliefs all they want. Perhaps, Mr. Rohrabacher, if there was a little more of a show of Christian compassion in this case, and by your actions, you may obtain more converts than by the use of political rhetoric designed to obtain votes.

Anytime Rohrabacher is ready to discuss this matter with my family, and learn that our only "agenda" is equality for all and a continued opportunity for all to exist in this society side by side with a respect for each other's beliefs, or non-beliefs, then he can give me a call.


Anaheim Hills

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