The Southern California Job Market : The Career Make-Overs

Nearly 400 readers responded to our offer last month to let career counselors help them chart the path toward the job of their dreams. Unfortunately, only eight could be selected. The resume material printed in the profile of each of these readers was provided by them.

The selected readers represent the range of desired career paths expressed by respondents. Housewives are looking to re-enter the work force in a new capacity, displaced aerospace and high-tech workers are scrambling for careers that match their skills, mid-career workers are seeking new opportunities, and younger workers are anxiously trying to find their first career footholds.

All the job counselors asked to advise our readers work solely as job counselors; none offer job placement services in addition to their counseling. The counselors selected were not compensated for their work.

The Experts


LINDA BUZZELL is a Beverly Hills psychotherapist and career counselor specializing in the entertainment industry. She is the author of “How to Make It in Hollywood,” published by HarperCollins.

WALTER BROWN is the director of career development at the UCLA Placement and Career Planning Center. His services are available to graduates of all campuses of the University of California system.

SUSAN MILLER is a principal with Vocational Training Consulting Services in Los Angeles, where she provides management training and career counseling. She also teaches at UCLA Extension and has written articles on career issues.

DAVID LAZZARA is the managing partner of Morgan Barnett Associates in Irvine, a career counseling center that specializes in helping professionals and senior executives.

JUDITH SOMMERSTEIN is a Torrance career counselor and consultant to three cities on their displaced-worker programs. She is also a senior instructor at UCLA Extension.