* Re your editorial “A Forward Move for RU-486,” March 8: “That Roussel Uclaf is talking about U.S. distribution is certainly welcome news.” Well, I know I breathed a big sigh of relief. Now we can abort fetuses in the privacy of our own home.

I am not a member of either the pro-life or pro-choice movement and do not consider myself fanatic about the issue of abortion--it’s much too complicated and sad an issue. I neither condemn those who choose to have an abortion, or those who wish to fight abortion. But let’s face it, please: Abortion is about ending a human life--in whatever stage one believes that life to be in. It’s a very very difficult situation and procedure for anyone. The fact that it has been politicized, fragmented and defined as a “women’s right” surprises and disappoints me.

And to write that this easier technique is “welcome news” makes my heart break. A population that embraces and endorses and practices sexual responsibility and education to prevent the need for many abortions would be very “welcome news.” I think some sensitivity is called for here.



West Hollywood