Knight a Bully? Indiana Coach Thinks His Image Is Quite Fine

Indiana basketball Coach Bob Knight was asked recently at a news conference if being perceived as a bully clouds his accomplishments, which include three national championships with the Hoosiers.

“Cloud my accomplishments to who? My wife? She doesn’t worry about it. My players don’t worry about it,” Knight said.

“What is my image? My image is pretty damn good with most people that are around what we do. I just raised a million dollars for the Indiana library. Have any of you raised a hundred for anything lately?”

Add Knight: On being perceived as menacing: “I wouldn’t know why. I never carry a gun with me.”


Trivia time: Who holds the Dodger pitching record for most victories in a season since the team moved to Los Angeles from Brooklyn in 1958?

Only way to lose: Greg Boeck of USA Today writes that the Dallas Mavericks’ season resembles a broken-down bus, adding, “But, at least, the team travels first class:

“Owner Donald Carter bought a DC-9 for the Mavs. Among amenities: four TV monitors with built-in videotape players, two telephones, an eight-seat lounge and 50 inches--compared with 37-40 in first class on commercial flights--between seats.”

Plausible: Utah Jazz guard Jeff Hornacek, recently acquired from the 76ers, and his wife are expecting a child in May.


Asked whether the mid-playoff due date was bad timing, he explained, “Hey, I was with Philadelphia.”

Rumblings: The Philadelphia Daily News headline when Mitch (Wild Thing) Williams reported to the Houston Astros: “Gentlemen, Start Your Ulcers.”

A setup?Raider owner Al Davis on the feud in Dallas between Coach Jimmy Johnson and owner Jerry Jones: “I’m surprised I’m not being blamed for it. Actually, don’t put it beyond comprehension that the whole thing is a setup. Maybe both of those guys weren’t getting enough ink.”

Add Davis: On where the Raiders will play next season: “We could go anywhere. The Raiders are global.”

Minor detail: Minor league manager Charlie Manuel on the defensive capabilities of first baseman Sam Horn:

“He has trouble with the thrown ball.”

Looking back: In the 1960 NCAA championship basketball game, Ohio State led California at halftime, 37-19, after having made 16 of 19 shots.

“Men, we have to get more defensive rebounds,” Cal Coach Pete Newell told his troops.


Replied Cal center Darrall Imhoff: “Coach, there have been only three, and I got all of them.”

Ouch: From “Baseball’s Even Greater Insults:" After a young Dodger recruit up from a farm club asked where the whirlpool was, Manager Tommy Lasorda replied, “Just stick your foot in the toilet and flush it.”

Trivia answer: Sandy Koufax, with 27 in 1966.

Quotebook: Weldon Drew, former New Mexico State basketball coach: “We had a great bunch of outside shooters. Unfortunately, all of our games were played indoors.”