Firearms: Gun Show at City Park Is Promoted

I found it shocking and absolutely mind-boggling, while driving along South Street, to see a banner promoting a gun show at the Artesia Park (city-owned public grounds).

When crime is so rampant, is it responsible government to issue a permit for such an event on the city of Artesia property? Shall this be considered a family outing? Shall we bring our children and grandchildren? What is the purpose of holding a gun show in a public park where families congregate?

If the Lions Club wants to sponsor a gun show let them do it wherever they meet. I’m not saying gun shows promote crime, but having a gun show in a public park, on busy South Street, is giving out the wrong message. As citizens of this great country, I feel it is everyone’s duty to do all that they can to discourage anything and any event that might send a misinterpreted signal to the criminally intentioned.

A far more appropriate event for the citizens of Artesia would be for the city and the Lions Club to celebrate the rite of spring.