John Wayne Gacy

The article on John Wayne Gacy (March 22) points out clearly what is wrong with our justice and prison systems. Although Gacy has been convicted of the worst series of murders in U.S. history and sentenced to death, he has been housed at taxpayer expense for 14 years. And what punishment has occurred? He arises at 10 a.m., gets 100 fan letters a week, paints and plays games. He is now considering which tabloid to be interviewed by. Where is the justice in that? If he wants to paint clowns, let him make toys for disabled children!

Prisoners should have to work for their keep, whether it be in the fields, on roads, making license plates or crafting items for the disadvantaged. Why are prisoners able to give interviews from jail? If they do, the profits should go directly to their upkeep and to the victims’ families.

At the risk of sounding old-fashioned, I believe that prison should be a punishment for a crime. In the case of psychopaths like Gacy, many, many crimes.



Los Angeles

Re the Gacy art horrorfest: I wonder if any local, state or federal tax monies were expended in any way directly or indirectly to underwrite Gacy’s so-called art and writings? Someone should conduct an audit to determine where the money for his supplies and art space came from. Once more I am disgusted that any one would display this homicidal pedophile terrorist’s “art.”