Cable TV: Value of ‘Dissin’ Dat’ Show on Public Access

As producer of the public access program “Dissin’ Dat,” I found the “Mixed Signals” article by Scott Collins (Westside, April 21) to be on the condescending side.

During the three years “Dissin’ Dat” aired on Century Cable, we amassed a mailing list of over 400 viewers. In addition, we were contacted by CNN, “Entertainment Tonight” and Fox, as well as by several established writers, producers and directors.

It is indeed true that public access has become a wasteland for misguided attempts at show business inclusion. Although our program has ceased production, there are industry professionals who watched it, and I was able to secure a few small film roles because of the exposure.

As in any creative endeavor, it is up to the producers to showcase and market themselves in the most advantageous fashion; knowing what that is becomes part of the learning process.



Los Angeles