President Nixon

* People often say former President Richard Nixon is the man who went to China, but the real meaning of that can be only comprehended by those who are Chinese. On that historical trip to China in early 1972, President Nixon put aside differences in ideology, replaced confrontation with reconciliation, struck for peace and most importantly showed love for all mankind. The impact of the trip is beyond words that can describe it.

Since then China has never been the same; the country's economy took off for real and every individual, including myself, has been raised to a new ground where living can be tasted with sweetness, love is shared and peace has finally arrived.

Nixon was a true leader of the world. There is an old Chinese saying, "People who drink the water from a well will never forget the person who dug the well." Nixon was the person whom a billion Chinese will remember forever.


Santa Ana

* The supreme tragedy of Richard Nixon is that he never was able to apologize to the American people. They would have forgiven him.


Sherman Oaks

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