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Clean lint trap of clothes dryer easily. Rub a used fabric softener sheet over the screen.

* Repair braided rugs with clear fabric glue.

* Fluff pillows daily by pushing the corners toward the center so the crown stays high. Freshen feather pillows by placing them in a dryer for 10 minutes on low heat.

* Protect wool sweaters from moths when storing. Buy cedar shavings from the pet store and pour into toe of an old nylon stocking. When you have a medium-size ball, tie two knots and repeat procedure, working up the length of hose. Clip between knots to separate balls and store with clothing.

* To clean a drip coffee machine, pour an equal amount of water and distilled vinegar into water reservoir and run machine through brew cycle. Empty carafe, pour clean water into machine and run through cycle again to rinse.

* In the yard, avoid planting trees or shrubs near waterlines, drains or septic systems. Extensive roots can clog pipes.

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