Indian Nicknames Said to Be an Honor

Mike Downey,

I don't know whether your commentary about Marquette University changing the nickname of its teams form Warriors to Golden Eagles was tongue in cheek. However, as part Indian, let me state another point of view. Of course, because I am only part Indian, my views don't count with some Indians.

However, my full-blooded relatives, who are Apache, think it is a great compliment to the Indians when a university adopts an Indian nickname. They think it is a tribute that they are associated with warriors and braves and chiefs. I think it is a great tribute, too.

They were all Stanford fans when they were the Indians, although none of them ever had anything to do with Stanford. They felt dishonored when Stanford dropped the name.

Let's face it. There are broad-minded Indians and narrow-minded Indians, just as there are broad-minded whites and narrow-minded whites. Unfortunately for us Indians, a few loudmouthed narrow-minded Indians are being listened to by a bunch of naive, knee-jerk college kids who never could think anything through. I hope you are not one of them.


Pacific Palisades

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