GARDEN GROVE : Old Tires May Give Streets More Mileage

The city is using old tires to give new bounce to some of its streets.

Workers are using more than 36,000 tires as part of an asphalt mix in repaving some streets, a technique that city officials say will make the streets last longer and costs less.

"The rubber (in the repaving mix) provides some preventive maintenance," said Keith Jones, the city's manager of streets. "This makes the streets a little more resistant to water penetration, which is the No. 1 enemy of streets."

Jone said the ground-up tires are also expected to save the city money by preventing the need for interim repairs with "slurry seals," a thin, watery mixture used for repaving.

"We usually have to put on two slurry seals on the streets during a 15-year period, and this type of overlay (using ground-up tires) is supposed to defer at least one of those seals," said Jones.

The repaving includes Harbor Boulevard from Trask Avenue to Westminster Avenue; McFadden Avenue from Ward Street to the city limits; Ward Street between Mast Avenue and McFadden Avenue, and 63 residential streets.

The work, which began last month ended Monday.

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