Roller Hockey Deserves Playing Areas

* Orange County roller-hockey players deserve our support. It is time that we get the kids off the streets and onto their own roller-hockey facilities. These kids should not have to go around place to place looking to have a fun game of roller hockey.

“The police come out and tell us to leave, the principals come out and tell us to leave,” says Brian Fletcher, 17, who plays for a junior team. Mission Viejo roller-hockey coach Mike Dashefsky says, “It’s not like baseball, where the poor kid in right field plays two innings and might see a fly ball occasionally. We have line shifts, put new kids on the floor every two or three minutes. Everybody plays, and that’s the great thing about roller hockey.”

This to me sounds like what every parent wants their child to learn. We should not be taking away their only places to play.

They need our support, not our chasing them away.



Dana Point