Joining the TB Fight

* In response to the editorial "Getting the Jump on TB, (May 5)" I completely concur with the need to seek further funding from the state and federal sources and indeed this is being done.

It is unfortunate that at this time of scarce financial resources at every level of government we are seeing cases of TB up 4% in 1993 compared to 1991. The cases of TB in the schools reflect what is occurring in Orange County as a whole.

Solutions to those critical problems aren't just the responsibility of the public health system but for all of us as a community to find ways to deal with the crisis. A coalition has been put together by the American Lung Assn. of Orange County made up of a cross-section of private and public sector, racially diverse health care professionals, volunteers and media, as well as state and national government representatives. Members of the coalition are working together to advocate for tuberculosis funding and education for health professionals and the general public to control this epidemic.


Garden Grove

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