Schuller Photo Unwarranted, Insulting

* Re "Royal Deed Crowned" (May 23): Does Pastor Robert Schuller own stock in the L.A. Times? I am not Jewish, but I was really impressed by the informative story on Bulgaria's King Boris III's saving the Jews and how Rabbi Haim Asa, who was so indebted to the man, finally was able to put together the posthumous tribute to him. The fact that part of the ceremony was held at the Crystal Cathedral should not have entered into the photographs.

The first picture was great, but imagine my surprise when I turned the page expecting to see Rabbi Asa and King Simeon II and found Schuller! What a disappointment! And what an affront to the rabbi, intended or not. The rabbi had a very personal involvement in this tribute and spent 50 years trying to acknowledge his thanks. I am appalled at your egregious lack of sensitivity!



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