Praising Peace Officers for Their Work

* I am writing this as a letter of appreciation to the article "Posthumous Bronze Stars," (May 19).

I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to see those slain officers remembered and praised for their work.

My father is a deputy sheriff for the County of Orange. I am very proud of him for the work that he does.

It is hard work being a police officer. It is difficult for him, and for my family. It must be very hard for him to work his midnight shift (dealing with all of the stress) and then come home to be a father and a husband.

I think that many people overlook or push aside the fact that police officers are people, too. They just look at them as the person who hassled them for driving too fast or parking in the handicapped space. My father, and the other peace officers that work for us, deserve so much more.

To see that your newspaper took the time to show people that these things are happening makes me proud. Many times the death of a peace officer is shoved to the back page.

I think that many people would be surprised to know that only 36 law enforcement officers in the County of Orange have been killed in the line of duty.

I am just thankful that my father is not one of those statistics, and hopefully never will be. He is a good cop, and I am proud of him and all of the other peace officers who serve us.



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