Media: Flashbacks to '60s Days of Activism

I'm always so relieved when I hear that the press does not have a "liberal bias." Nonetheless, it's always comforting when the Westside section proves this non-bias with profiles glorifying leftists such as Tony Russo of Pentagon Papers fame (for anyone under 35, these are called footnotes in history) and Carol Wells--a dissident holdover from the '60s days of radical campus activism living in a state of suspended animation.

Such articles trigger flashbacks of another time and place. For others, I guess living the old battles of our adolescence over and over again is enough.

The idea that all art (and I suppose speech and food, too) is politics trivializes all art as well as the joy of existence for the sake of existing--something we fight to obtain for animals trees and refuse to people.

Impressionable journalists (who) glorify '60s radicalism and the dysfunctional, value-neutral--and, therefore, valueless--society the elites from that time create for us, ought to inquire why so many of the "intellectual elite" from those long-gone days never seemed to get a life.


Santa Monica

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