Daring Display of Disco Pluck

About 500 HYTs (that's hip, young things) came down with a serious case of Saturday Night Fever--on a Wednesday--at the Second Annual Disco Skate Party at Side by Side roller and ice rink in Huntington Beach. The symptoms: fabulous '70s garb not seen since NYC's original Studio 54 . . . or, at least not since the weekend before at Club 1970s in Hollywood.

The bug responsible for this fever was a superfly named Beej and his accomplice, Gary Blitz, editor of Clublife magazine. The duo promotes the county's longest running disco night every Thursday at Club 5902 in Huntington Beach, known as Disco 2000. Beej appeared decked out in a lemon yellow and leopard trim ensemble that any evil dude from a Shaft flick would have envied. His platforms elevated him by almost eight inches; the purple feathers sticking out of his massive hat added another foot.

No other countywide nightclub event--at least not in recent history--has dragged out such a bunch of crazily clad patrons. Allowing those 18 and older could have been one reason: Most of the glam divas looked well below age 21. The Beej and Blitz promotion team also weighs heavily among the "club kids" (those who have built reputations for their wild attire), who live here but spend their nocturnal lives being fabulous in Los Angeles.

Deejay Sean Perry looked like Pippi Longstocking, and Disco 2000's go-go dancers went for a "Charlie's Angels in Space" look, complete with flashing toy ray guns, skates covered in glitter and plenty of silver touches. Indeed, silver was everywhere at the soiree, in addition to shiny black vinyl--both important fashion elements for '94.

Other frequently seen touches were Afro wigs, hot pants, kiddie barrettes, plastic gold jewelry, leg warmers and signs of Hollywood Barbie (Tees and real-life interpretations). Best accouterment of the night: the faux, thick, curly, black chest hair peeking from the silky shirts of Orange residents Jason Johnston and Jeffrey Thomas, both 18. It takes an hour to glue on, it itches at the end of the night, but, hey, it's a hit with the disco bunnies, noted Johnston.

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