Gun Control

Timothy Smith (letter, July 7) responded to your June 23 editorial, "Nuts over Guns," by pointing out that cars are not blamed in drunk driving accidents, and long, serrated knives are not being blamed in the Simpson murder case. He therefore claims that guns should not be blamed for gun deaths.

This illogical deduction springs from standard NRA rhetoric. What their argument fails to acknowledge is that when cars and knives are used correctly, they don't kill people, but when a gun is used correctly, it does kill people. That is the express purpose of a gun. It therefore follows that if products designed and used for killing were better controlled and regulated, there would be less killing. Smith claims that "gun bans do not work, ask anyone in the nation's capital." He fails to point out that Washington is completely surrounded by places where guns can be obtained. Using Washington as an example of how gun bans don't work is absurd.

Smith concludes by claiming that "responsible citizens" want a future where guns won't be needed for defense because "the bad guys are gone." No one, not even the National Rifle Assn., can dispute the fact that it is impossible to control human behavior, and it is impossible to eliminate all "bad guys." Therefore, we must control the only thing we can control: the products designed to do the killing, i.e., the guns.


Van Nuys

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