Letters to Voices : Health Care and the Military

Mort Sahl needs to update his material. ("Everyone's Liberal Until It Costs Them a Quarter," Voices, July 11.) When his show business friends tell him they can't wait for the health plan because it will cover them from the cradle to the grave, he tells them, "Why don't you join the Army? You'll get your clothes, too."

Mort, the government reneged on both counts. Those of us who put in 20-30 years--World War II, Korea and Vietnam--now find ourselves on Medicare paying for supplemental insurance out of our own pockets just like everybody else and petrified that we'll need long-term care that's not covered.

And, yes, we used to turn in clothing for salvage, but that was way back in World War II. Now, after the initial issue, replacement clothing is purchased from a minuscule clothing allowance.



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