Seamstress Snips Off Husband’s Penis

<i> Reuters</i>

A seamstress snipped off her husband’s penis with a pair of scissors Saturday and said he deserved it.

“I’m ready to face charges. I’m also ready to fight for my rights,” Gina Espina, 21, said from a Manila city jail. “He deserved what I did to him because he has been abusing me for so long.”

Espina said she had agreed to stay with her husband, Donald Jacolo, despite learning two years into their marriage that his first marriage had not been annulled.

She said that early Saturday, while her husband slept in a motel where they had checked in to discuss their marriage problems, she snipped off his penis and threw it onto the floor.


Jacolo woke up to find himself bleeding and called security to apprehend his wife. He immediately sought medical help to reattach his severed penis, but the doctors’ efforts failed.

Jacolo told a local radio station later that he will press charges.