Judge Allows Citadel to Shave Woman’s Hair

<i> Associated Press</i>

The Citadel may shave Shannon Faulkner’s head when she becomes the first woman to join the school’s corps of cadets, a judge ruled Monday.

U.S. District Judge C. Weston Houck also ordered Faulkner to stay in a private room in the college’s infirmary instead of its barracks. And he rejected her request for a sexual harassment committee to monitor her progress in the corps.

Faulkner’s attorneys argued that she should not be subjected to the humiliation of having her head shaved.

“I’m not talking about anything right now,” Faulkner said after the almost 3 1/2-hour hearing.


Houck ruled last month that the Citadel’s all-male admission policy is unconstitutional and ordered Faulkner into the corps this fall. The state military school is appealing.