THE LATEST NUDES: Given the sexy overtones...

THE LATEST NUDES: Given the sexy overtones of 2 Live Crew leader Luther Campbell’s songs and album covers, his latest venture shouldn’t be much of a surprise: a “girlie” magazine.

“A girlie magazine with a lot of class,” promises Flo Anthony, executive editor of Scandalous, set to bow in December as a monthly, with 1992 Playboy Playmate of the Year Stephanie Adams as the cover subject.

Named after Campbell’s yacht, the publication is being pitched as a multicultural version of Playboy, with three centerfolds and contributions from such writers as comedian Paul Mooney, journalist-novelist Nelson George and CNN correspondent Jill Brooke.

Campbell will contribute a publisher’s column and editorial overview.


“What people don’t realize is he’s really an intelligent and classy guy,” Anthony says of the man known for such songs as “Me So Horny.”

“The whole thing he does on records is a business thing.”